Beginner WP export/import problem


I’m trying to convert my static html website into a WP theme. This is my first venture into WP theme development and I’m falling at the first hurdle… exporting.

So far I have the following pages in my static site that i’ve renamed as per the this example - Part 1:

home.html (my front page, no posts to be displayed, but would like a widget with links to my blog posts in my footer) --> home.php
blog.html (my blog main page which has my posts, the most recent first and then a extract subsequent post with an image and link) --> index.php
about.html --> page.php
single.html --> single.php

I’ve got the following settings for each page:

I have set up a local build of WP on my mac and have it running using MAMP. I’ve activated the theme at wp-content/themes/my-theme-name

and have uploaded a copy of my files into a ./dev/ folder like in the video above.

When i export from PG i get no warnings, however, when I try and import my posts from my WP instance, (there are three)

I get this:

When I export the theme and try to view it in my browser by pressing ‘Visit Site’ in wordpress I get this:

So in summary, I have exported the theme and WP seems to identify this, along with my screenshot for the theme icon in Appearances/Themes, my page structure seems to be visible to some extent (blue background and nav bar showing etc, but my dynamic content is not being inserted into the theme and I cannot import any of my pages back into PG.

Can anyone suggest something which might be going wrong please?




Having watched part 2 of the video I’ve updated my preview urls to be http//:localhost:8888/ removing the page name as in the original post.