Errors while trying to export to WP theme


Following the instructions to build my first WP theme, I get an error when trying to export: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded. And then is says: Error - Export folder is not set or does not exist, but I filled in all the necessary info, like in the Youtube video (01 – How to Create a WordPress theme in less than 20 minutes). And it gives me some pop-ups:

The theme doesn’t have the index page. Each WordPress theme needs the index.php template. Create a index.html source file that will be exported to index.php.

The theme doesn’t have a Master page. Master page defines the basic layout of your theme and is used to export header.php and footer.php. Index.html is usually the theme’s master page. Check This is master page on WordPress site action in index.html.

But I did set a index.html page and made a Master page. Any idea what is going on?


Ok, a fresh restart from PC and Pinegrow did the trick… :grin: