Trouble exporting to WP (2nd try)

Basic setup

This is my Mamp Pro setup


  1. File > New Page > Bootstrap 3.3.7 > index.html

  1. File> Save as > created a folder on desktop called “PG_theme_source”
    Contents of PG_theme_source after save

  1. Setup Wordpress Site info

  1. Save file
    After saving, the “PG_theme” folder receives the following folders/files.
    Basically inside the PG_theme folder it creates this folder structure and places the index.php file there. Strange behavioius.

  1. Wordpress > Export the theme
    Popup message confirms process. No visible changes to files or folders.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. The “PG_theme” folder should have the final WP theme right?

This might be a bug. Not sure but I reproduced the same steps on 2nd computer under same Mamp Pro configuration and it works like it’s suppose to.

I can screen record and post to YouTube if you would like a better view of steps taken.

Finally got it to work. Hope this sticks and this doesn’t happen again. Solution was to simply restart the computer. Works like it’s supposed to on both computers now.

@R082 Glad you got this to work, just goes to show even computers get confused sometimes :slight_smile: