Convert an Html site into a Wordpress Theme

Hi guys,

I am working on a Html website that I am converting into a wordpress theme. The site has 6 pages so I opened it on Pinegrow and setthe Master page which is the index.html one, I configured the other pages by selecting the index.html as their Masterpage and adding their links the I converted the whole site and took the Html and Php files of each pages with all the folders with pictures and all from the original site and I put everythin in a zip folder that I imported into my wordpress. The issue is that it is not working. In fact only the Main page (Master page) can be seen on wordpress. The other pages do not appear yet they have been imported. When I installed the theme, I could see the front page alright but even when I press a button, it doesn’t get me to the other page, I am just stuck there on the front page. The Url changes but I remain on the front page. Sometime the Url changes and there is a “Not Found” written up there. I don’t know why it’s not working although I have exported everything and it looked like it was working. Can someone help me?


Please, have a look at

The “links” on your page will not work automagically. WordPress is a CMS and you have to think about the CMS feature instead of thinking static when you convert your template into a theme.

Note: Based on the recent confusion that I have read here and there, I guess I’m going to write a post about this very shortly.

Check out this post on the PinegrowWP forum. I posted some links that explain the process of converting a Bootstrap site to WordPress.

Thank you Emmanuel,

I read it but it doesn’t help for the issue I am facing.


I do agree that the learning curve with WordPress may be quite steep (in general and not only with PG WP) Motivation is vital.

WordPress is a Content Management System software > your content is no more static and you have to think about the WordPress features (Posts, pages, custom post type and more) when you convert a HTML template.

Your HTML template become a « skin » and it is now dedicated to the presentation only. WordPress handle the content. (your posts, your links, your images, videos and more …).

You can also read this post:

Hi did you figure this out I am stuck with the same issue. I’m new to WordPress and I can’t figure this out at all

Hey Rodney, I think you should go through this html to WordPress converter tutorial.

It sounds like it may be as simple as a file naming problem. Learn about the “WordPress Heirachy”

And forgive me for asking you know that a pages content isn’t stored on the page, as part of the theme? that it’s added later though the WordPress admin area editor and stored in a Database? All you are making when you make themes is the template for WordPress to add content too later. If you knew this already, sorry for asking, your question amade it seem like you thought you could just make pages with content in them and convert them to a WP theme and then you’d have those pages, with their content, on the website.