Best Practice Templates for WP

Hello, I’m new to Pinegrow and still learning my way around. I’m wondering if there are any best practice templates/plugins amongst the community members that they would be able to share? I am working through documentation and tutorials, but sometimes I think it would be easier to just see how a real-world template is working.

Also, for the makers of Pinegrow, I think it would be worth the while for you to update the Start Press template. With the block editor coming on and Bootstrap 5 isn’t it a little behind? Would be useful as a starting place for sure, but I don’t want to bring in legacy stuff. At least that is my concern.


So much is changing in the WordPress world, especially as it relates to themes. FSE is becoming more of a viable option and if you don’t have a good reason to make a classic theme I’d consider going down that path. even has a pretty good theme generator to help get you started. Between that and some Pinegrow blocks you have a pretty solid foundation.

As for best practices, that’s a massive can of worms and I don’t think anybody can answer it without writing volumes. I’d start by checking out the WordPress theme developers handbook. From there, crack open VS Code and take a look at themes like twenty twenty two, underscores, bones, Genesis, or GeneratePress. It’s amazing what you can learn from poking around the structure and getting a feel for how different themes are pieced together.