FSE themes, where does pinegrow stand?


I just finished watching a preview of the exciting new features and UX improvements coming in WP 6.3 for FSE.

Does anyone have any information about whether there are plans to support FSE themes?

After taking a quick glance at the direction WordPress is heading, it seems like Pinegrow could become outdated in the near future.

I’m a bit skeptical about a complete integration working solely from a desktop app. Perhaps it would be best to add this functionality to the Pinegrow WP plugin instead?

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@madjedo we do plan to support FSE in the next few months.


That are great news. Wordpress is slowly becoming the CMS that Impresspages was more than 10 years ago. Thanks.

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It’s also worth mentioning that many of us are already using Pinegrow for FSE themes. In fact, I’m already remaking my starter theme to use it for FSE. There is still a lot of manual work and duplication between style.css and theme.json, but that’s an issue that goes well beyond Pinegrow.

(Also, @jonroc, block projects for FSE or 3rd party themes is one place where the Pinegrow WP plugin shines).


Hey, Adam! Do you have any tutorial/video regarding this?

This one is pretty rough but should get you started. I made it before Pinegrow added the theme.json exporter. WordPress 6.3 also adds some things that could be leveraged.

I’m making updates to my master theme (classic) at the moment. Then I’m going to re-work it as a block theme. When I’m done, and I have a better idea of how to systematize it, I’ll make another block theme video.