Beta Tester, please

Hi All,
Putting my pandemic/holiday time to use finishing up old projects. I have a new plugin for Pinegrow that can be used to more easily load in Lottie animation. It also allows you to add options either directly to the player, or in a separate script. You can also use this plugin to load in Lottie animation to be controlled by the Pinegrow Interactions plugin.
Right now, I’m not a real fan of the way I have implemented the script options. Basically, you can add up to 10 additional “actions”, but you have to type them in, being careful with adding " to all keys, and always having a leading 0 on values less than 1. I should improve this, but I’m feeling a little code fatigue. Taking me longer to do stupid simple things.
Anyway, it will be free in the end, but I want some feedback before releasing to a larger audience. So, if several people would like to donate their time to trying it out I would be grateful. Just message me here.


Hi @RobM why don’t you share that with me. But do give me some time, I’ll have to manage a little.

Let me know more about it, anything I need to know and I’ll try to give you some good feedback as much as I can.

Hi can i became a tester?

Sure, just dm me your github user handle - alternatively I can send it to you by WeTransfer or something like that. In that case, dm me your email.

Hi All,
Did some updates and should release this soon. Anybody else want to be a tester before general release?

ive never used Lottie, or animations etc,
so if youd like me to take my finger paints and Crayons approach to testing Ill be happy to oblige :slight_smile:

Hi Bob, @RobM

Mist this one!

Of course I can test! Can test it in Windows 10 and Mac Big Sur. Have a collection of free Lottie animations that I downloaded a year ago and used them in Keyshape.
Working on a website with some interactions at the moment would it be possible to add a animation to it or is it a separate thing?