Beta Tester, please

Hi All,
Putting my pandemic/holiday time to use finishing up old projects. I have a new plugin for Pinegrow that can be used to more easily load in Lottie animation. It also allows you to add options either directly to the player, or in a separate script. You can also use this plugin to load in Lottie animation to be controlled by the Pinegrow Interactions plugin.
Right now, I’m not a real fan of the way I have implemented the script options. Basically, you can add up to 10 additional “actions”, but you have to type them in, being careful with adding " to all keys, and always having a leading 0 on values less than 1. I should improve this, but I’m feeling a little code fatigue. Taking me longer to do stupid simple things.
Anyway, it will be free in the end, but I want some feedback before releasing to a larger audience. So, if several people would like to donate their time to trying it out I would be grateful. Just message me here.


Hi @RobM why don’t you share that with me. But do give me some time, I’ll have to manage a little.

Let me know more about it, anything I need to know and I’ll try to give you some good feedback as much as I can.

Hi can i became a tester?

Sure, just dm me your github user handle - alternatively I can send it to you by WeTransfer or something like that. In that case, dm me your email.