Lottie for Pinegrow Plugin

Hi All,
I’ve been working on this one for a little while and had meant to release it much earlier, but for anyone who is interested I have a new plugin to extend the functionality of Pinegrow (now up to 4 free and 2 paid plugins). This plugin adds a drag-and-drop Lottie Player element to the Library Panel, as well as some easy to use customization tools to the Properties panel. For those who are more daring, it also adds a set of Actions for scripting the Lottie animation based on scroll or cursor interaction. Note: this plugin is NOT compatible with Pinegrow Interactions.
Get it here!
I’ve tried testing the best that I can, but some bugs always sneak through. Feel free to reach out with comments, bug reports, feature requests. I also think this plugin could use some code optimization - If anybody wants to learn a little JavaScript and work together with me it would be great!


Wonder full creation Bob! :heart_eyes: