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Better to use PG Starter Theme or WP Conversion Plugin?


I’m new to Pinegrow and Wordpress.

I’m working on a custom WP theme (simple theme) for a client for her website. Since I’m a novice web developer I started on this project by first using a free Bootstrap template I found online. It’s pretty much done. But now it’s time to convert it to a WP theme. However, the client also wants a blog which the free Bootstrap template didn’t come with. I won’t have any problem with creating ‘static’ blog page, but my concern is the conversion to WP process.

So, my question is: for the next step, is it better to use the Starter Theme and customize it or to convert it with PG WP converter? And why?

I’ve gone through the convert HTML static page to WP tutorial but it doesn’t mention anything about adding a blog page and all the additional archive.php, single.php, etc pages.

There will be at least two custom post types, one for bio pic, small bio and a pricing section (just pricing no forms).

I’m not an expert on the WP hierarchy so I want to do this the easiest way possible and I prefer not to start from scratch if possible.

As I said, I’m a novice. I do want to learn WP theme dev thoroughly but for now, I need to do it easiest way possible.

Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.

I have both the PG WP Starter theme and Pinegrow WP.

Thank you


The Starter Theme can be a great help if you have a very basic knowledge of WordPress theme dev.
It will ease the creation of the default templates but still, if you want to create specific layouts and behaviors, you will need to learn a bit.


“Our initial goal is to help novice users to create cool themes without the knowledge that is normally needed when proceeding the “standard way”.” - well I’m completely frustrated with trying to create a WP theme using Pinegrow… If it wasn’t difficult enough just learning css/bootstrap/Pinegrow (which to me feels like a steep learning curve in itself), I now find that even trying to use the templates needs me to understand how stuff is split between the actual page and the lib components page - erm… what do I edit where? I just wanted a page with a sidebar showing WP posts - but the HTML-to-WP tutorial doesn’t use a template anything like that, so where do I start… I’m just on the point of giving up to be honest. :o( (maybe I’m just thick.)


If it helps anyone else struggling with the basics, here’s a simple tutorial which taught me a lot quickly and enabled me to convert my bootstrap site into a WP theme. (I know it’s only very basic, but it really helped me!) I found it 100% easier to understand than the Pinegrow tutorial.