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It's difficult understanding how to develop with WP Starter theme


First I would like to say I definitely enjoy Pinegrow and the direction it is heading in. While there some issues that I have noticed and some UI improvements I think would be better workflow, the potential could be amazing.

Here is my question. I bought the WP Starter Theme, I’ve installed it and have been playing around with it but ultimately I am trying to develop a new theme that I plan on selling independently to the market I work in. The project is rather big but I think that Pinegrow is going to cut development time a lot.

The problem I am having is that when I have worked on development from scratch and just using a code editor while I still run into problems, working with code still out performs trying to take the easy way because I know what I am getting when working with code.

While I am definitely new to the code and development side of Wordpress, I confidently say that I have the basics down and developed my own Custom Post type plugin that works on my current theme without issues. This is what I need help understanding n Pinegrow with the starter theme. All the tuts are based around creating a Wordpress Theme from scratch so it is confusing starting with a theme that is all finished but used as a template to fully customize a theme. The steps taken in the course doesn’t address these issues from the WP Starter Theme template standpoint. For instance working with components is a different process and the lib.html is the core editing function. With this in mind, I guess I’m very confused as to where to start the customization and implementing the layout and defining WP Actions and PG Actions that save these things for later use.

To be more clear, It looks as though everything already has been defined otherwise the Wordpress Theme would not be fully functional but it appears that it is only the basic framework and structure that is set up.

Q: As the developer do I still need to start at the top of the tree and define all the Wordpress functions, actions and filters or if I do, am I overwriting what you already have in place?

Q: Can I go through and redefine everything? Ultimately, I would like to redefine everything from the top down using the WP actions Tab because when making this theme, I want the code to have it’s own custom prefixes that relate to the theme and its branding, not the PG default code prefixes and labeling and or some of bootstrap’s default labeling that can be relabeled.

Q: When I am creating the navigation that I want that will be specific to the Custom Post Type functionality I want built into the theme, am I needing to do this through the lib.html or am needing to create all of the php templates first but also in conjunction with what I am editing in the lib.htm?

Q: The lib.html, it is very confusing along with setting up components. I’m not sure if it acts like the functions.php or not. It seems to have all of the basic functionality that would span across the entire theme all in one document which gives me the impression it acts like functions but I am not sure.

QI guess to summarise my confusion, I don’t really understand the workflow process because it is vague on what I need to working on within Pinegrow vs what I need to work on inside the Wordpress admin side and also what has already been defined and what hasn’t.

It would be very helpful if you did an entire step by step tutorial on building a custom theme from the out of the box WP starter theme because the other tutorials are only helpful if you want to start from scratch and build your own theme from beginning to end.

Any advice, direction or detailed clarification would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance


A lot of questions here.
Here is a first attempt to quickly answer.

The Starter Theme is a way to bootstrap your WP theme development.

Our initial goal is to help novice users to create cool themes without the knowledge that is normally needed when proceeding the “standard way”. (templates hierarchy, loop, specific templates for the most common plugins and more …).

By default, without modifying anything, you could use all the default templates and get a theme packed with features (demo here )

Of course, the idea is to customize the templates, css, functions.php and even the functionality plugin to fit you liking and needs.

You have total freedom to tweak, remove, duplicate, change any part of the theme.

The prefix is based on the slug name (defined in the theme settings), so be sure to choose the name you want AND if find and replace the code snippets from the default functions.php.

According to us, using the LIB is a good (the best?) way to be able to maintain your theme by grouping its core components and partial templates. But this is absolutely not mandatory.

On the Starter Theme product page, we have added many links to the Pinegrow WP documentation and the WordPress Codex because knowing the application features and flow is still a mandatory knowledge as well as using informations from the WordPress global documentation.

I will add some more bits to my answer later next week :slight_smile:



Thankyou for the quick response time along with informative breakdown to the many questions I had staked up. I forgot to mention, I went through a lot the documents from the Starter Theme and many in the PG Wordpress section and I have gotten very familiar with WordPress Codex as well deeply analyzing WordPress Core File because the inline commenting is extensively detailed and sometimes more useful and easier to understand than reading the codex. I plan on rereading the links you provided and also reading your response again as a reference too.

I’ll be looking forward to what you can add next week to this discussion and I appreciate you doing your best to address the questions I had. As I was writing it, I was trying to figure out the best way to describe my confusion on the workflow. I don’t have a problem working with the lib.html, I’m just having a difficult time seeing how it works once I begin customizing the components inside it and saving it.

The way I think it works is, as an example: If I customize the main NAV with specific names and layout for the links, ie, (Home, Bio, demo, Contact) then rename the slug name, save and export, will that nav then be specific to those new nav labels and css layout I changed?

Next week when you can respond again, could give a little more detail on the below response, specifically the last part about AND if find and replace the code snippet? I am unclear on what you meant.

The prefix is based on the slug name (defined in the theme settings), so be sure to choose the name you want AND if find and replace the code snippets from the default functions.php

Once again, thank you and I believe this will be a great tool once I better learn the workflow vs the “traditional way”