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Block out of order, won't show above header?


Hi, I tried to add a plain container and column above the header block for the purposes of a design bar of color. What I found is that the block actually displays below the header. I then tried using a predesigned container block and the result was the same. You can see here that the content container 3 is appearing below the header, even though on the right column I have inserted it right below the body… I don’t know if this is a bug or a restriction I don’t understand…


@jefferis have a look at this reply I posted here on the forum it might offer you a solution.


So are you saying that I would need to add a sticky condition to the plain container to affix it to the top? I wasn’t trying to make it stay sticky, but to work like a normal page. I was just trying to add a design element above the header, but a content block won’t work… I could redesign the header with css, just wondering why you can’t add a block above the header…


@jefferis sorry my misunderstanding. Try creating a new rule in your custom.css file and set position to relative for .navbar-fixed-bottom,.navbar-fixed-top and see if this works for your purposes, see screenshot below.

position: relative;