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Fixed Top Menu Issue


Hi Everybody,

I got my menu from a block. I have about a 50px gap between my block header and my menu. When I select “Fix Top” for my menu, it pulls my header block right up tight to it so it takes my gap away. What causes this? Any help is appreciated.



Add a CSS rule to your stylesheet
nav.fixed-top {
top: 50px;


Just curious, which block did you use that you had this problem with?



Not at my computer right now. I think it was nav block 1-4. I tried Sureweb:s css solution. It put the gap above the navbar. I tried to at it to bottom with no success. I will double check tomorrow for you on the block.



I think I misunderstood what you were asking. Scrap what I said…
After you have applied fixed-top to the navbar select in the tree and give it a top-margin of 50px.

Or else you are looking for one of these effects


Sorry, about that. I don’t always explain things properly. Thanks I will give that a try. James, I have confirmed it was Nav Block 1-4 I 'm using.