Blocks bug: components new path not corrected

Hey guys,

Can’t find a bug report section so I guess it’ll get posted in the Feature Request:

I have configured my custom blocks as defined in the videos, to be more precise:

  1. my header block has an image, that is stored in the assets folder.
  2. my project has the “assets” folder defined as Ressource

Now comes the buggy part:

  1. I create a new file, in a new folder, then activate my library and copy the Resources…
  2. Surprise, Pinegrow decides to move my Resources inside the /components/MyBlocksLibrary/assets… instead of /assets
  3. As a result if I put my header block into my new page, the image will NOT be displayed, as the block itself defines the image path as being /assets/banner.jpg and NOT /components/MyBlocksLibrary/assets/banner.jpg as Pinegrow has put it in…

Did I miss something in the video ???