Bootstrap 4 Customiser. How do Pinegrow and Bootstrap 3 customiser compare - and where is BS V4 one?

Hello there. I was just posting on a query by @randyrie and that made me look some stuff up.

So! we have this fine video from Pinegrow , showing how to Customise Pinegrow theme using Pinegrow’s built in functionality

IS this the way to go? So start learning the whole SASS stuff in order to better go about this,
instead of just. creating a my-styles.css kind of thing and over riding the BS styles which seems a bit enefficient, as pointed out in this comment

By RoyTruelove.

which says this.

Now, does this NEGATE the use of such things as the Bootstrap 3 customiser?

And why is there NO version of this for BS 4?
…although I do see that they SELL …custom BS themes…ok then!
maybe this is why?

So This



and Since I’m at it, I remember seeing tools that would customise your BS framework and chop out all the stuff. you didnt require - which of course , would be a pain if you then wished to implement something in an update…if you didnt have the original in your repository.

such as

so second question,

What is a good way to go about cutting out all the stuff you don’t need in a Bootstrap build site?

and…finally final! …so probably my 3rd Question…maybe 4th. lost track.

is there much point in starting to learn BS 3 now or go straight into 4,
for myself as I I have very few BS projects to play with, and as for backwards compatibility or upgrading, has anyone used tools like these
to upgrade BS 3 to 4


I have not really put enough footwork into all this myself yet, so I don’t expect a guided tour, just some pointers to the best practice and some links to send me on my way.
Cheers :slight_smile:

I prefer to leave Bootstrap as is, and just make my own classes for things like colors and such. The reason is because I have my own class names I’ve come up with over time that mean specific things to me (like .att-text-sub for example.) I’ve never used SASS or tried customizing that way, though at some point I’m sure I will.

I wouldn’t waste time learning Bootstrap 3.x at this point. It just gets confusing when you have to jump back and forth between the two.

I also don’t see the point in chopping out unused Bootstrap classes because the current obsession with compactness and load speed (eg. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages) will be short-lived. It reminds me of when storage was super expensive, and we used to use utilities that did real-time compression and decompression of files to save hard drive space. Right now, we’re stuck on 4G and a lot of places only have 3G, but this will change. By the end of the 2020’s, 5G will be ubiquitous, and nobody will care about saving a few dozen kb of data in a CSS file.

Well, Welcome to Wales!
We are a bit rural in places… And 3G is pushing it.

I hope 5g never happens as the infrastructure is aweful and inefficient.

But as for the rest of it, yeah.

… I might try and learn the Pinegrow/Sass thing on the PG Video…
and then get to play with the big Boys in the web world… yeah…right! :slight_smile:

So have you tried those customising things on line, or never o seems like to much humph , when you just want a few colours changed?

Ok Next contribution? :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to try customizing Bootstrap via an of the online tools or Pinegrow’s own ability. It’s just quicker and easier to write a new class as I need it. But learning HOW to do it is on my to-do list.

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