Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 migrater in Pinegrow?

Although I’ve purchased Pinegrow quite some time ago, I’m fairly new to how it all works and have a large question. Does Pinegrow have the ability to migrate a site from Bootstrap 3 to 4? I’d like to find this out before I go through all the trouble of transposing them manually and then find out it could have been done in a few minutes. Thanks!

Hi Jo,

Welcome back or to the start of your Pinegrow journey. :wink:

Currently there is no “automated Bootstrap 3 to 4 migration” feature to my knowledge.

There are other apps such as BootStrap Studio, Wappler and supposedly the next version of BlocsApp, and perhaps others apps as well. For instance I don’t know about ones such as Pingendo, CoffeeCup’s BootStrap Builder, etc.,

You can also find free tools online, but I am not sure how well they work, or if they are up to date.

Bootstrap 3 to 4 - online convertors:

Such as this one:

Or this one:

Some might not convert the source url references but they should swap out the BootStrap classes it finds between the body tags. So something like those may speed up your process of conversion for each of your files. Hopefully then it would only be minor tweaks left to be addressed for you if needed.

Hope that helps in some way.

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@ Pinegrow Team: @matjaz , @Emmanuel , @MhdAljuboori :

Is a conversion / migration tool inside Pinegrow for “Bootstrap 3 to 4” something being worked on being considered? It was likewise on my list of possible feature suggestions.

In theory it seems relatively simple to swap source references and associated class instances, etc., perhaps something to consider to help users. It would likewise be another useful feature to market as an available feature of Pinegrow to potential users.


@ Pinegrow Team: I just noticed the bootstraptor one is open source, so perhaps a starting point to quickly extract such a feature. or build upon the idea for Pinegrow.

Bootstrap 3 -> 4 conversion is not on the to do list at the moment.

Did anyone here had to update a BS3 project to BS4?

My thinking is that BS3 is stable and works well, not much reason to upgrade existing BS3 website projects to BS4. Might be useful for web apps that are constantly evolving, but auto-conversion would be of limited use there.

Yes it seems to be pretty stable (v3 that is) so it’s not super detrimental to do it, but it would be nice if it could be done for sites that are even older than 3.3.7, maybe even 2.2.3 site conversion as I have a few of those that really could use some good updating s well.

I didn’t realize there were so many tools out there to do this with though, I’ll take a peek around and see what I can find that can help here.

I already do have Bootstrap Studio, but it’s not very handy for sites that were not made with it for migrating as unlike Pinegrow, you cannot just start working on a site in a practical way that wasn’t made within it’s structure due to the nature of it’s single project file setup. Importing is possible, but I doubt very much you’ll get much help migrating on imported sites as it converts everything to custom code. I guess I should try that and see, but I was hoping to see something like this in Pinegrow as well.

Anyways thanks for the tips all and I’ll see what I can find and decide what sites truly need to migrate and go from there. Appreciate the help and feedback on it.

The first site listed above has 2.x.x to 3.x.x:

So you could go 2.x.x - to - 3.x.x - then to - 4.x.x ** – with the tools above. I guess if it helps and saves you time and get things converted faster.

:wink: Good luck with that multi step process however. Also note that those tools may not be to the current specifications for changes found in the latest release. I am not sure if some of the class references changed over time in BS4 development. But those tools may help some, let us know how it goes.

@matjaz , Thanks for responding. My thinking was that it just seemed like such an easy string based replacement to swap class and resource references as demonstrated in those online examples. So I was just thinking it might be another simple feature in Pinegrow that may be compelling to potential users desiring Bootstrap based development, migration, etc. I assume that is the reason other apps do it, in hopes of drawing in more users via such a process and marketing verbiage. No biggie to me.

I try to make my feature requests usually towards the common good of the app for helping users as a whole, not directed for my own needs. Much like my various previous feature requests that I feel fit within these same guidelines, for the betterment of the app as a whole and its users.

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