Will pinegrow 3 have support for bootstrap 4?

It would be awesome if the new Version of pinegrow supports bootstrap 4.
I know it’s still in alpha but a lot of people are making awesome sites build with bootstrap 4 so i think it should be considered to be usable.

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I’m hoping so, as well. I’m still in school for coding and I just defaulted to WebStorm tonight for Bootstrap 4, as the course practicals used the latest alpha version. Would have been sweet to follow along in PG with it built-in, instead of having to manually set everything up. I’m pretty excited about the new release, it’s a really cool editor and it’s helped me to pick out silly mistakes in coding and control the DOM much better. There’s a lot more potential here.

I haven’t been following the bootstrap 4 updates but flexbox looks interesting


Thanks for that link! Indeed, very interesting stuff!

When I first started courses, the link we were provided was this one:

Guide to Flexbox

I actually had an opportunity to use it on a logged-in “my account” portion of a WordPress site, where non-CMS pages were being served up, and it worked out well for formatting of private content, or “bonus” content for customers. Had to tweak it a bit, but coding it traditionally was a little tricky with WordPress due to the numerous, overlapping stylesheets involved. So, having experimented with that twice now in the real-world, I’m really glad that Bootstrap 4 will be implementing this. It’s actually a really nice way to go, and looks much easier and cleaner that setting it up the way I had to in an integrated environment.

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