Converting sites from 4.1 to 4.3

So, I have created two sites using Pinegrow 4.1, and now have found out that it’s still the beta version (I would have thought that 4.0 was the official non-beta release, but… my mistake, I guess).

I’ve upgraded to 4.3, but it still leaves the question… Is there any difference between my ‘beta’-made versions and what the 4.3 Pinegrow would output? If so, what is likely to have changed?

And, if that is the case, how do I go about updating the site from 4.1 to non-beta (4.3)? Do I need only to load the project into 4.3, and then save it out? Do I have to rebuild the entire thing from scratch, or just adjust something in the 4.1 project (salvage the project I did)?

Both sites are pretty straightforward. Just rows, columns, images and text… No carosels or scripted modules, etc.

@ladlon first thing I’d suggest is duplicating the project folder(s) and then opening the new versions in PG 4.3 and see if there is any difference. If not then you’ve no problem, if there is a difference you still have a safe backup.

@ladlon It is not about converting sites from Pinegrow 4.1 to Pinegrow 4.3 but updating your sites using the Bootstrap 4 framework which was at beta stage in 4.3 (because final was not out) and which is now the first official release in 4.3.

The differences between the last beta versions and the final are quite small, please, have a look at bootstrap website (blog) as there is a changelog available there. (and simply replace the framework files in your project with the ones from a “new” Bootstrap 4 project from Pinegrow)

Yep, did that already… Same issue was present.

I had then tried rebuilding the exact same container > row > column ‘thumbnail gallery’ layout right underneath the original (on the same page) from scratch, and seeing if there was a difference in display and code. Same issue. All columns are positioned along the left edge, and no columns will stack horizontall, regardless of hardcoding any breakpoint column size/offset rules.

I’ll continue looking into thing and testing. The issue with the premade blocks is the first thing to tackle, as that’s new and bad! The original (but same) issue is at least just on the Nexus and iTouch… so, it may just be a matter of accepting that the sites won’t display properly on those devices. Afterall, even the w3schools multi-column page samples were not displaying properly… and those are obviously pro-coded!

Hi, earnoud. Thanks for the ongoing help via email.

Ya, I was hoping it was just about the support files. That’s good.

So, if I load the 4.1 project into 4.3 and resave, does that regenerate the support files? Or, would I need to load the project, delete the folders manually while it’s loaded, and then resave? I wasn’t sure if it regenerated the support files on each save, or just what has been altered since the last save.

I HAVE done the load & save thing so far, but wanted to be sure.

I didn’t notice any mention of the bootstrap version in the html header. Is it determined by one of the support files? Just so I can verify that it actually IS now 4.3.

HI there @ladlon, you probably know already but there are some BIG differences. between 3 and 4 bootstrap.

I didnt. gah! I just expected some nice new shiny. and my knowledge is less than exhaustive of it,
but this helped explain me hitting into a wall recently.

I was following this

by @itsmeleo
when I came unstuck right at the beginning.

a footer panel… couldn’t find it.
checked that Migration doc above and BOOM… oh ! panels and a pile of other things have gone
to be replaced by, cards er… thanks for that.


and I noticed @Emmanuel 's reply somewhere that Bootstrap Blocks, are written in BS 3.3.8 ( I think, not sure of exact version must look) BUT that there is no immediate rush to update them to BS 4.

SO, if using Bootstrap v4… and bootstrap blocks… ummm! oops.
so I guess if you use BootstrapBlocks in PineGrow, you HAVE to use Bootstrap V3 Framework in Pinegrow?

Correct me if I’m wrong.

But if Pinegrow is using Bootstrap blocks which, are using discontinued features, such as, for example, Panels… (no longer in V4) and you are using Bootstrap Blocks… then they will go Kaboom?

If so, is there a feature in Pinegrow that WARNS you if using BootStrap Blocks, that you need to use a specific version of Bootstrap?

Lets have a heated debate!