Bootstrap Theme Generator Plugin inside of Wordpress

Continuing the discussion from Bootstrap and Wordpress Editor color palette sync:

Bootstrap Theme Generator V1.0
For anyone who is interested, I’ve now finished creating that plugin. You can see the “list of features” down below in the screenshot!

:file_folder: Downloadlink: :file_folder:

Important notice
You will need in first place the Metabox Plugin to make this plugin work. I will replace that in future, but as it is now more or less a proof of concept I wanted to create it fast so I can extensively test it! :wink:

If anyone using this, you can report bugs inside of the Github-Repo → Issues!

The Plugin is now finished and I’ve also managed to create a sync between Gutenberg Color Palettes and Bootstrap-Colors. So whenever you change for example your primary Bootstrap Color (not in PG but in the settings-page I’ve created) your Gutenberg Colors will get updated too and also everywhere on the frontend where you have used that color! You can also see the settings-page in the screenshots above! :wink:

List with all features:

Hope you have fun using that tool, I find it kind of useful, in it’s early stage as it is! :wink:


@Wolfgang.Hartl thanks for sharing the plugin!

Note: when using the plugin with themes generated in PG, add Do not Enqueue action on bootstrap CSS and JS resources, because the plugin enqueues them for you.

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It’s always a pleasure to contribute to cool products! :wink:

Oh yes, thanks I forgot to mention that in the description. I’m gonna Add it to the Github readme file! :slight_smile: