Pre-made Bootstrap Blocks not showing styles in Gutenberg editor

I’m trying to add a Bootstrap block as a Gutenberg block following this PG tutorial

However, while I see the styles on the front end:

the block has no CSS styles applied in the Gutenberg editor.

Based on this article, I added the following to the functions.php file

add_editor_style( ‘/wp-content/themes/pinegrow-theme/css/style.css’ );

But I still don’t see the styles in Gutenberg.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to resolve this?

Note, I do see the styles (inside the Gutenberg editor) of blocks I created myself, just not the styles of the pre-made bootstrap blocks.

Hi @CarrieTwist, assuming you are building a theme, use the Theme settings in PG to include bootstrap.css in the WP block editor:

This solved it. Still working my way through the documentation. It’s a learning curve. Thanks so much for the direction!!

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