Box shadow ui problem

In the box-shadow ui when dragging x or y Distance is effected.

CleanShot 2020-12-29 at 16.24.05

Hey @beno,
It isn’t really a bug, it is just a shorthand that pinegrow uses. Basically, distance is a vector between the x-offset length, the y-offset length, and the direction. The box-shadow property can take up to 4 properties, including x-offset length and y-offset length.

The distance and angle automatically set the offset-x and offset-y lengths.

So, if the angle is 0 deg - that is straight to the right, all of the distance will go into the x length.

If the angle is 270 deg - straight down, all of the distance would go to the y length.

If you split the difference and set the angle to 315 deg - which is a 90 degree angle from the origin, down and to the right, the distance, x, and y don’t seem to match up at first.
However, we can make sense of this if you make your item getting a box-shadow an easy size, like 100px by 100px. Next, visualize a triangle with one corner at the upper-right. The first leg goes down (blue) and is the y-offset in length, the second leg goes right from the first leg (red) and is the y-offset in length, and the final leg of the triangle connects the two (yellow). Sorry for the crappy drawing.
If you look at my box-shadow I have a distance of 42px.
If you remember your trigonometry - a2 + b2 = c2. Solve for c2 = 42 and it equals 30 (when you round), the same value the X and Y display.

Anyway, this took longer to type out than I planned, but I hope it helps!