Bug? - Stall your Pinegrow with a billion fonts!

So, opening a site I have been asked to look at (and a few more he has)

If I open the url, http://www.healers-hands.co.uk/
PG will just sit there, with a greyed out version of the page preview and the Loading wheel spinning endlessly, but still be responsive.

now, If I AGAIN open the SAME url alongside it, Bingo! no problem
and then, you can see the PG Tree view.

I maybe some time :smiley:

Also, I notice that the yin yang symbol has spaces in the name, that is Yin%20Yang%20logo.jpg. but it shows correctly in PG url preview, but then, if I save it from the browser then it doesnt save it (wrong file name in path) Ive worked it out, but worth a mention I thought.

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mmm and If I try to open the saved page, same thing, endless grey wheel and It doesn’t load. Any ideas what’s up?
does it load ok in your PG 3.0 Betas? @Emmanuel

Hi Schpengle, looking at the source code I can see where the font requests are coming from, but I’m not sure how there could have been so many in the first place. See the attached screenshot. I also see a few links to pages that have spaces in the file names.

Can you Google for ‘closed tag checker’ and paste your html code in there? I guess an unclosed div, or other tag, creates a loop. Pinegrow is very sensitive about that.

Yes, I saw all that :slight_smile: SO I thought I would share it with you :slight_smile: Hilarious huh? Back in the day! old skewl coding with the help of some slightly broken code editor :smiley:

Fun huh? :slight_smile: