Cant access google fonts

Hi Ladies n Gents, when i open Pinegrow and navigate to manage google fonts, when I click on
add google font I get an error message, “There is a problem with google fonts”.
Underneath there is anoher bit of text, “Failed to load fonts, check your internet connection. Refresh”.

1 - My internet is working
2 - I have re installed Pinegrow
3 - Re started Pinegrow numerous times.

Has anyone else had this issue ? If so any info would be extremely helpfull.

Pinegrow is fantastic but not being able to have access to Google fonts plus not being
able to use any Cdn’s with Pinegrow is very frustrating.

I guess I have made a very basic mistake in the set up process which is causing the issue
but for the life of me i can’t find the solution.
When i use other Design App’s Figma, Webflow there is no issue with using google fonts
which makes me think it’s in the set up.

If anyone can shed some light on this would be agreat help.

Hi @rjscratch,
What version of Pinegrow are you using? If you aren’t using it, could you see if Pinegrow Live gives the same error?

Can you post a screenshot of your console when you get the error? (Right-click on the Pinegrow logo and select “Inspect” and then the console tab.)

Why can’t you use any CDNs with Pinegrow? Specific errors/problems? They should work just fine.


Ad blocker, blocking Google analytics sort of thing, LittleSnitch on the mac.
can you view the google fonts with a browser and can you then open the URL address via pinegrow (not using the fonts, just trying to open the google font page with Pinegrow Open URL action, to see if the PG App can connect to the Google FOnts page*

If this is blocking you, you don’t need to use the manage Google fonts feature within Pinegrow. It’s just a few lines of code in the head which you can configure on

<link rel="preconnect" href=""> 
<link rel="preconnect" href="" crossorigin> 
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">