Building/using a child theme with twenty nineteen theme

Would PG7 allow me to edit my using a child theme with twentynineteen theme? I have a local mamp & a flywheel by local – not precise duplicates of my online site.
If PG7 might work recommended tutorials please.


Does Pinegrow allow the creation of Child Themes?

A child theme, as defined by the WordPress Codex, is a theme that inherits the functionality and style of another theme, called the parent theme.

These themes allow designers or developers to create new designs that inherit the functionality of a parent theme.

The use of child themes is widespread among professionals who see it as an excellent way to pool resources to save precious time in the development of numerous themes for many clients.

We do not provide specific features related to building or maintaining child themes in Pinegrow or Pinegrow Theme Converter.

Indeed, our approach to WordPress theme development favors the creation and use of Starter Themes which are just as popular with professionals and seasoned developers for the exact same reasons as child themes.


Just clarifying. No way to edit my wordpress site with PG7?

First of all, what exactly do you mean by editing?

With Pinegrow, you can for example create a plugin with specific Gutenberg blocks, but you can’t actually create a child theme or edit existing PHP templates.