Buttons and links

Hi just starting with pinegrow after using FrontPage for decades and I am trying to assign hyperlinks to buttons but am at a loss. I have put buttons on page but where do I put the hyperlink to link to page?

Do you mean with bootstrap (or some other framework) or with plain HTML?

@marklefty If its Bootstrap try adding the button class to the link, e.g. <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary">Your Link</a>

check this out too.
its very good. by way of explanation.

Not passing the buck.
if you don’t get it, then I can knock up some diagrams for you.
its not that Pinegrow isn’t behaving as you’d expect, its that the logic of using links on a button aren’t as you would expect.

Neither did I!

I just did the insert code bit on the orange line, between suitable elements on the tree and pasted this in.
hey presto

With bootstrap blocks

Thank you for the help when I get time I will give them a try