Can not save to Onedrive folder

When I tried to save my file to a onedrive folder I use to keep my projects on, I get the following error.

Could not save file: EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir ‘(OneDrive Directory)’

A HINT: By default, Save dialog will select the root folder of your computer. Files can’t be written there of course. Select the folder where you have write access and it will be ok.

When I tried saving the file to desktop, it works fine. This only seems to come up with OneDrive. This is very strange as I have never had this issue with any other program on my computer. I tried saving to the same folder with another program (Brackets) and had no issues.

Computer Details
Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299
Running Pinegrow Directly
Pinegrow Version: 4.1
Hardware details: 32gbs of Ram, 1TB HDD
Firewall and Antivirus Running
No Web Server Running

You need to create a folder in One Drive first of all then save into that.

Works fine that way and doesn’t clutter up the main OD folder.

I have done that, I just didn’t put the entire path in my details. The project still wont save.

It works fine for me so guess it must be a local issue to you. Sorry, cannot help further as not able to reproduce the issue. See screenshot