Pinegrow Walkthrough: Can't find Examples folder for Bootstrap 4 tutorial

I’ve just started the tutorial " Pinegrow Walkthrough" at Pinegrow Walkthrough - YouTube . I’ve opened the index.html file in Bootstrap 4 and saved it. Matjaz says, and the vid shows the text, “Would you like Pinegrow to open folder Example as a project?” But that does not happen after I saved index.html, and I cannot find a proper folder of that name in the Bootstrap folder under Pinegrow Web Editor. I’ve found other folders with that name in the master Pinegrow Web Editor, but their contents do not seem right for this task. I re-downloaded and re-installed 5.992 - PRO Personal + Tailwind.
What to do? Thnx!

Hi @Mike1,
I think the problem comes from the existing folder on Matjaz’ computer. I think he already has the “Example” folder created. Then he saves the file into the folder.
Two ways to solve this:

  1. When the save dialog opens, create a new folder and save your project inside. This should trigger the Pinegrow message.
  2. If your file is already inside a project folder that Pinegrow didn’t detect, close your file and then click on the “Open Project” icon on the home screen, rather than the “New page or project”. Select the folder containing your new file and it will be converted to a project.
    Let me know if you need some additional help!

Thanks, Bib! Worked.

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