Pinegrow 4.9: Problems with saving .css files

Hello there,

the problem since update to 4.9: I am working on several html-files in a project and make changes on the style.css file (directly on the code or with PG). All open and changed files get the * on top of the rider. In the left project panel in the last Versions there was the * also beside the Master/Component-Symbols as long as I did not save them, now there are in the Project Panel no more stars and if klick on “save all”, all HTML are saved, but not the .css-file.
Pinegrow does sometimes save the .css, but most of the time not. If I close all files manually exept the .css and I click on “save”, “save all”, “save as”, nothing happens, the .css remains with the * in the raider and will not be saved.
Also a update to PG 4.911 does not change this…

In some cases there is a message: ERROR Could not save file: Cannot read properly ‘updateTitle’ of undefined… (Hint not to use the root folder…)

I am always working in the specific project folder, with the style.css in the Main Directory. I also tried it in ./css/style.css

I use Win 7 with MS Security essentials and my files are on a Synology Diskstation.

Can you help me?

O.K., solved by myself.
I have been working hard to understand Pinegrow and in the first weeks I was very confused about the abundant possibilities and had a lot of problems with the structure and the logic. Yes, on some days I hated it.

Now I am getting more and more familiar with it and must say… Pinegrow is really good stuff! Kompliments to Matjaz!

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