Can the webkit browser in Pinegrow be upgraded to support es6 functionality?

I am building an SPA with webpack and vue.js. Webpack is based on es6 and vue.js is heavily dependent on importing and exporting modules. I would like to make the static html views in pinegrow because it is very fast than typing html in webpack. Also it is easier to drag and drop and mix things up to get the right appearance.

I notice the webkit browser that is built into pinegrow does not support import and export of es6 modules. For example, one could type “Import moduleX” in the pinegrow browser console and get a

“Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token import”

The issue is, if I opened my webpack application in pinegrow, I see the above errors because pinegrow does not support es6 importing and exporting of modules.
Is there any way to upgrade webkit browser built into pinegrow to support es6 module.

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I am also struggling to use with vuejs 2

I would like to have pinegrow to understand .vue files and let me change them at runtime.

I can do it if I grab all templates in html single file body like

<main ..>
<template id='some'></template>
<template id='else'></template>

do you have any suggestion for me to acomplish that?

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Nope…I Haven’t figured this out as yet…