Can Pinegrow be used to edit the front-end of a dynamic web app which is using Typescript on Node?

First off I’m not a developer, so advanced apologies if my question doesn’t make sense. But essentially I’d like to have a code + live preview more visual way to edit the Typescript files as I run Node in the background via Terminal (on a Mac).

Right now I’m using VS Code and while it does the job, I always have to go through the process of saving the tsx file, then go to the browser, and refresh it to check the changes I made in the code.

So can Pinegrow save me that step and provide a live preview of the generated page, as I change the Typescript code?

You can use bundlers like Vite to provide HMR and you wouldn’t have to manually reload your page when working on your scripts (js/ts).

But, is your view layer using html, or is it fully js-generated by frameworks like react, vue or svelte? At the moment, Pinegrow will let you visually design your html based template.

That said, we are working on Vite-integration for frameworks like Vue which uses html-based declarative rendering. Stay tuned for this!


Ooooooh wow that would be such a mega coool feature. I’m using Vue (and/or Vite) in my daily life, way more than WordPress and it would be sooo coool to have a visual editor for it, i even thought about creating something similar like this by my own!!! Great news!! :slight_smile:


We are using ReactJS.

As far as i know you can create react-projects with vite too. But I’m not 100% sure since I never use react :wink: