Can't link right new.css to index.html

I dragged all my files out of my resources folder into my top level mcgraphics folder. Everything works online except changes that were in my new.css for `’. (Am I allowed to put the page https here?)
Looks fine on the screenshot but online my top nav bar has grey padding, and my Fine Art line is flush left. All corrected in new.css dragged to mcgraphics from resources folder.

Hmmm - looks like you are adding ‘new.css’ twice - first link and third link in the tree above.
With regards to the first link, your href indicates that it should go one folder up from where the index.html file is located (that is what ../ means). Since the index.html is in the Mcgraphics folder, it is looking for the ‘new.css’ file in whatever folder the Mcgraphics folder is in. So, you are likely not loading that ‘new.css’ file. I think you want either './new.css' or new.css'for the href. Not sure about the other one in the third link.

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I unloaded, reloaded, tossed 1, checked to make sure I had the right new.css. Gave up. opened style.css and new.css. Copied code from new to style. Relinked and uploaded style.css. It worked!

Next obit sliders for the images in index.html ; )