CSS Rules not applied to new pages (answer provided)

Whenever I create a new page in Pinegrow it doesn’t use any of my CSS rules. Or stated differently, when I apply an existing CSS class to a en element, it’s like the class doesn’t exist. In fact, when I search for a class to apply it through the Element Properties tab, none of the classes I’ve created previously will pull up.

If I duplicate a page there’s not an issue, all the classes pull fine and work as expected.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple… what might it be?

Hey, I have the same problem. Sometimes Pinegrow just does not find any css files applied to a page. You can try to reload the page or refresh stylesheets (click on stylesheets in the upper right corner of the style tab)

Mmm …
Since the “Add new page” feature redirects you to the default template selector, maybe the template you create doesn’t load your custom stylesheet, and you need to add it manually?

Note: By duplicating your customized template instead of creating a new one, this issue doesn’t arise because it will load your customized stylesheet.

Note 2: My answer is based on assumptions about your workflow, but I think I’m getting close to the truth :slight_smile:

Hey guys, thanks for the input.

I figured out what the problem is, not sure why it’s doing this though.

When I create a new page, it adds this:

<link href="css/theme.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet">

The file path is off for the style.css file.

It should be:

<link href="css/theme.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<link href="css/style.css" rel="stylesheet">

I’m assuming I have a setting wrong. Do you guys know where I’d update that so when I create a new page it references the correct path?

If not, it’s simple enough to open that file each time I create a new page and change the path.

@ChrisUT and @Riccarcharias

I have great news for you: With Pinegrow, you can easily create your own templates for your projects so you can select your custom template from the Add new page menu and you don’t have to deal with manual changes!

To proceed, just follow our documentation here: Using Master pages in a multi-page project | Pinegrow Web Editor and you should now be able to work more comfortably in your projects :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Emmanuel . What I meant was that PG sometimes doesn’t show stylesheets I loaded from a component or even the primary style.css. I found no trigger so far but I think that happens sometimes after saving the project. But refreshing the stylesheets brings them back most of the time.

Hey @Riccarcharias, this situation seems quite different from the one @ChrisUT first brought up and which was more like an issue with the method rather than a possible “bug”.

So I recommend reaching out to support with all the info needed so we can figure out what’s causing your specific problem. :slightly_smiling_face: