Adding components with their own CSS breaks the head link

PG will helpfully add a link in the head section for component CSS files, but it includes them as a relative link (i.e. …/menu/menu.css) and that seems work fine for PG and on my local machine…

but when i’m out in the real world my hosting site needs the link to start from the root directory, just like everything else (i.e /components/menu/menu.css).

this would seem like an easy fix using master pages, just fix the link on the master page and update the project… but unfortunately components also get updated and if you have made any other customization’s to components on those other pages (even if they are within editable areas!), they will get WIPED when this master page link fix is propagated.

the fig shows my index as MASTER which has a nav component (set to NOT update) and the editable areas defined in that component appear to be carried over into the MASTER page… but when update project is selected from the component menu EVERY PAGE of my website gets the same page title as the MASTER page.

what am i doing wrong?