Card group is verticle instead of horizonal when dragged onto the page

Hello, When I drag over the “Card group” Bootstrap 4 UI element to my web page it is not displayed correctly. Its suppose to be 3 cards spread across horizontally but instead displays as huge cards vertically.

Really hoping to get this figured out. I am trying to use this Card group for a landing page of projects I wish to show off on my website. Each Card will get linked to an individual project.

Make sure that the card group is highlighted in the Tree, and check in the element properties panel to make sure the class card-group is present and is solid in appearance. If the class is missing, or the button is just an outline (indicating the class has been clicked on and is disabled) this sort of vertical stacking behavior will result.

Oh goodness, Thanks so much!!!

Sigh I thought it worked once but now its not. Card-group is filled in with the blue but the card-group on the page is still vertical.

I guess this web stuff is just not for me.

What size is your viewport? They will also display vertically if the viewport is at the XS size.

I’ve been on LG. I think the problem is because I would like to use Bootstrap Blocks on page as well and page is already using Bootstrap 4.1 for the card-block. I don’t believe Blocks is on same version and is causing conflict.

When I used a page of just 4.1 items it behaves but not as pretty as the Blocks, sigh.

I don’t think I can use this anyhow. I’m using a Master page and everytime I want to update its Navbar, it forces me to delete work I had done on child pages even though the content I’ve add is in the Editable Area I had designated.