How can I add a link to a card in a card group element?

I have a simple starter template page with a card group inside. I want to add a link to a card, where if I tap anywhere in the card (image or title or text), that I would be directed to an HTTP URL.
How can I do that?
When I try it by adding an external component / link component inside the card, I cannot click anywhere inside that card to go to the URL.

Under Plain Html…Insert “text”->“Link” before “card”.

Then use “Tree” and take “Card” and drag it into the “Link”. To get it to to be added inside “link”.
If you have trouble getting it to slide into place, drag more to the right.

This will create a “link” around “Card”. Which will give you the desired effect your looking for.

@hansooloo Hi and congratulations on your first post/question on the forums.

You haven’t provided a screenshot of how the cards look in the card group so I’ve assumed it is the default as added by Pinegrow without any changes made. Below is a short write up on how it can be done. If you need further assistance just post here. Hope you find this helpful.

Pinegrow + Boostrap 4 - Fully Clickable Card(s)

Nice one @Rob, great way to help @hansooloo and providing this with those examples in such detail!

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