Chain only right-left padding?

Is it possible to chain only the right-left padding controls (not all paddings including the top and bottom)?

Some modifier key or any other way?


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Someone can correct me if i’m wrong, but I don’t think that there is.

Not sure what you mean by “chain only” but there are serveral ways to change the padding.
CSS .class {padding:0 10px;} this will give you no padding at the top & bottom

Bootstrap: uses class mx-1 to achieve much the same thing


Yes i know. but i mean using the ui.

When i drag the margin / padding i have an option to “Chain” them (meke all of them
respond to my dragging at once), but usually you set seperate value for left-right padding,
and for the bottom-top padding (/margin).

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Yes, this is one of those small little detail that would improve UI.

want this.

my workaround is to manually add the extra 0 to the rule up in the CSS rule display area, and then put my cursor on the 0 i just added for using drag or the up/dn keys to change the value separately from the other one.

I’m not sure i understand, but it doesn’t seem like your workaround will do it. the goal here is to change the right-left (or bottom-top) paddings together…

this is where webflow starts to win over pinegrow (not overall of course!) small touches like this save a few seconds and that adds up.

if you put your cursor on the number up in the style panel you can do the same thing with the up/dn arrows

padding: 25px 15px

put the cursor on the 25 to change top/bottom padding at the same time
put the cursor on the 15 to change right/left padding at the same time

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Good one @droidgoo! Didn’t think about this approach.

Thanks, but i think it should be simpler then that and mouse enabled. other wise i can just write code with text editor :slight_smile:

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fair point… and i often do.

no ONE tool is going to do everything you want to do.

that’s literally why tool boxes exist.