Changing the background-color?

Okie, dokie…

I’m using the

id “promo-3”. Blew away the background-image, replaced it with somethin’ ugly and blew that away too. Now, I’m tyring to change the background-color… And it’s not changing.

Now, there’s only 4 selectors to choose from; and I’ve changed the color on all of them. No dice.

Is this a bug?

Hi @sonanski. If you select the Promo 3 block in the DOM tree then on the page click the Actions menu followed by Show CSS Rules.

Then in the CSS Tab you will see a list of css rules associated with Promo 3 block and you can click .bg-deepocean in the list and assign whatever colour you want to use as the background.

You will have to add !important beside the colour in order for it get properly assigned.

Ah, Good to know. Thanks.

^^^^ OMG! What a crazy amount of things to have to do just to change a background color! No wonder why so many Freeway Pro users find Pinegrow difficult to learn. Background color ought to be one simple GUI click away.

“people hate change” - you can’t get more of a change than Freeway Pro to Pinegrow!

Its better to learn basic css so by following the slightly more complex way :grinning:, you have quickly learnt css is controlling the styling and you can add important to force the background colour, which will come into use at some stage when you learn more about css.