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Block Background Color



  1. I created a new page and in the editor left click on it once.
  2. I go to the PROP tab and in the Block Options section I select the Background Color to ‘black’ from the dropdown.

The problem is that it is setting the actual colour to 17,17,17 not 0,0,0. I noticed it because I am displaying an image with a black background on the same page.

Am I going about setting the background color of the page correctly ?
Do I need to change a css property ?

Help very much appreciated,



Hi @thehookup. I’ve created an new page with Bootstrap Blocks and then selected the body of the page and then clicked PROP > Background Color > black and save the page. When I inspect it in the browser I get #111111. Can you start a new page/project and try doing it again and check the color value in the browser. I just want to make sure nothing has been added to the page before trying to change the background color.


Hi @Rob,

hash 111111 is not black. hash 000000 is black. you have replicated the problem.


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@thehookup :joy: very true and clearly I shouldn’t brush up on my css knowledge :wink:

I answered a similar question here and it might be of help in your situation.

and a further explanation a post or so below the one above here



I think what you are telling me is that after a customer (me) pays $149 for Pinegorw, creates a new page and sets the background color to black which turns out not to be black. Then after two / three days I get told that I have to go and create a custom css class to overrule it because #111111 for black is by design for this product.

I just need to know if this is correct so I can get on with my work !


@thehookup I know what you’re saying but you’re misunderstanding one thing and that is that when you use Bootstrap Blocks the styles, e.g. Black for background color from the PROP panel, it is reading the default styles built into Bootstrap Blocks. So yes you will have to create a custom style(s) to override the Bootstrap Blocks built in styles. So unless they author of Bootstrap Blocks changes the styles then they are what they are unfortunately and they workaround is to create custom style(s).

If there’s anything else I can help with feel free to ask and I’ll do what I can.


@Rob Thank you for confirming this and apologies for my tone, I thought this was a pinegrow issue and it is not. After doing a little googling I now see it is a bootstrap starter kit colour by design.

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@thehookup no worries I wasn’t reading anything into your tone I just hope you still see the benefits of Pinegrow even when working with Bootstrap Blocks.