Classes and variables from @import files not available in the CSS Editor

When I try to access variables from @import’ed CSS files I can’t see them I the right-click menu. Similarly, I don’t see classes that were applied through @import’ed CSS files in the stylesheet panel.

In both cases, the CSS works fine when, but they just don’t show correctly in the Pinegrow visual controls. I can manually add the variable, for example, and they apply. I can also verify that the classes applied via @import work correctly. Also, adding the CSS files to the header in the HTML files allows them to work correctly, but I’m a pain and the butt and don’t want to do it that way.

My structure: In my main CSS file I import other “child” CSS files that I use across projects.

@import "fluid.css";
@import "pkpd.css";
@import "navigation.css";

And yes, I could use Sass, and that’s sort of what I’m doing here, but since the Pinegrow Plugin doesn’t support Sass yet this is where I am…

It’s working great now in 7.05. Thanks for the speedy fix!