Coming from Muse

Unfortunately I’ve been on Adobe Muse for 5 years too long. I am getting rid of the program and looking at a different web program. I stumbled across Pinegrow earlier this week and I’m very interested.

I am planning on trying out the trial.
But I’m also looking for some advice.

I’m more than willing to build the websites off of Pinegrow instead of him trying to transfer them from Muse

What is a similarities and the difference is between Pinegrow and the old Muse program.

Is it the end of the world if I don’t know anything about WordPress?

Again, I’m a newbie and willing to learn and I’m looking forward to trying out this program

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Hi @TroyinIowa, welcome to the Pinegrow community :slight_smile:

First off, WordPress is just an additional option in Pinegrow. You can build great sites which don’t use WP at all.

Muse was good for visually building pages but it didn’t give you any real knowledge of how a page is constructed. Pinegrow, on the other hand, produces really good HTML and CSS and lets you get familiar with good web design practices.

I would say use Bootstrap 5. This will make your life so much easier and it will handle the responsive aspects of the design. Pinegrow has all the Bootstrap features built in.

Like all software, there will be a learning curve and it will take a little while for you to get familiar with how it all works but you’ll soon be glad you made the switch.

Oh, FTP isn’t built into Pinegrow so you’ll need an FTP program to upload your site to the hosting server. Filezilla is one of the best and is available on both Windows and Mac. And it’s free.

And ask questions here. :+1:


Some basic knowledge of html and css is important. Muse’s logic was totally the opposite of what Pinegrow is. There are a lot of tutorials that can help you get started fast and you can ask the community here. Have a nice journey!


They are two completely different software.
With Muse I think you’re used to dragging stuff on the screen, with Pinegrow the approach is different.
You should at least know the basics of HTML and CSS to be able to use it, if you also know JS and PHP it’s even better.

In any case, in the Docs section of Pinegrow, in the forum and on youtube you can find excellent tutorials and explanations of the program’s features. At first it may seem a bit complicated and you will have a hard time navigating its interface, but don’t be discouraged. You will appreciate the functionality that this software can offer you.

Muse effectively gave you a canvas where you could put text and images on the page exactly where you wanted them and it created the (bloated) code to make it work. You had no need to understand much about HTML or how a web page is constructed.

Pinegrow allows you to do much the same but by using the correct techniques and gaining proper understanding. Yes, it takes a bit longer to master it but if you’re going to be serious about web design/development then you need to invest that time.