Components with editable areas, does not recognise CMS mode

Hi, I am trying to use an HTML Blog project. I have a master page for the publication of the article. I have created several components, but not all behave in the same way. I need help please.

I have tried to read several times the documentation of components and aditable areas, I think I follow the steps well. But maybe the issue of nested components and editing areas is my conflict.

Since I can’t attach my project in ZIP, I try to leave a structure of the components.

I hope you can help me, thank you.

Hi @miltonardila,
Can you show the actions that you used to create each section, please?

Thank you @RobM for your help. I attach images of each section, if you need the nested components let me know.

Note that within “Post Banner” there are no nested components. But inside “Area Post” I have several nested components.
“Post” which covers the whole post area.
“Image Post” For the featured image.
“Info Post” For the post information (left sidebar).
“Text Post” I haven’t created it yet.

Each component has an editable element before.

I attach a graphic image.

Thanks for the info. I’m actually answering forum posts on vacation, but I’ll get back to you soon. Sorry.

Hi @miltonardila,
Sorry for the delays. I might need to get your entire project to fully diagnose - which will be tough with only my laptop for the next few days.
For the section you can’t edit - are you having problems on a child page or are you just using the component on another page? Same for the section that you can. Sometimes the hierarchy between master page editing and component editing can get a little confusing.

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Thanks again @RobM for taking time out of your holiday.
I leave you a download link of the project, greetings.

Hi Again @miltonardila,
I got a chance to look at your project. The problem lies in the nesting. I’m not sure how your project is structured as far future pages, so I can’t advise if the nest is needed. However, it can work as laid out with minor changes to the components. The main thing is to make sure that you are either allowing a component to be added to an area, or that the inner content can be edited.


Basically, you have to indicate that you can make alterations to that block. I like the first solution, personally. The second works, but gives the user a little confusing interface.
Hope this helps and makes sense,

Hey @RobM thank you very much for your reply and apologies for not responding sooner.

It seems that with your recommendation I’m able to work, however I think I’m still having problems with the nesting issue. I have put the CMS editing to one side so as not to take any longer with the project. If you think you can help me to take a look again I would appreciate it.

I also seem to have seen that the url mapping from the components is not working correctly.

I rectify. There is still a complexity in the nesting of components. Maybe I’m making it more complicated than it should be. I have removed an internal component and all editable areas have rapped the URL well.