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Editable areas reverting to fixed master page settings


Even after editing the areas in question, once I update components all of my changes are lost and a review of the code shows just the master page info for the areas I want to not be static.
Also, in Pinegrow 4 I can see no way to make an area editable or turn it off on the master page.


Just adding to this, editable areas are just overwritten with blank space that was in the template

Updating Master Page - Component update deletes editable content

Although I had difficulty finding the means to work with components after the ACT tab was replaced with a components tab I now see that others may also need to drag the components tab which was on the right panel over to the left so that you can select the item first on the right tree and then perform component actions on the left.

Otherwise you can’t begin to see what you are doing and have no way to activate the tree item in order to work on it.

This way you can turn off/on or adjust your master pages and elements.

Not that this fixes my many page master page site issues but it may help others.


Because the ACT tab is still there with the same features as in PG2, PG3 and PG4, I think I don’t understand your statement?


I guess I still find the terminology used a bit confusing. It used to say ACT and now you have the puzzle piece icon. Both are to mean Action but that, in my mind, refers to Master Pages and Components.

Since the entire concept is a whole topic on its own, I seriously recommend that you stop using the word Actions entirely and replace it with Components.

After all, every element can have some kind of action, or animation, many of which do not relate to Components. Even trying to do a search for “action” would naturally result in a great deal of unrelated advice.

That’s just my suggestion, but I think you might consider doing a poll. I just think that since it is your baby you have the ability to set your own terminology.

Then again, I will always be confused by some aspect of coding.


Welcome to my world, baby!