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Constructive Feedback Required :)


Hi everyone!

Please check this out when you have a moment(and ad a like , if you like ha)

Made with Pinegrow, currently in html but will be converting to WP soon

Thanks! :slight_smile:


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Hi Dan,

Its nearly there, you just need to fix your colour scheme as the colours don’t flow, it looks like you have dropped in blocks and not paid much attention to the colour scheme matching your logo.

I would also fix the content sections and their layout settings, especially “services” - load up the site in pinegrow, switch the layout to “tablet landscape”, browse down to the services block and change each column to number 3 for “small” layout., would do the same for “xs”.

“need a little help with your search” - I would jazz that area up as that border looks dated, especially against the white background.

But first thing to fix would be the colour scheme, take the hex value of your logo’s red, which is #D82027 and here is a colour scheme:

You can then create a red/black website, these two colours blend well and will make your site look more personal, rather then then standard colours used in the block kit.

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looks pretty good there Dan, although your red’s looks like two different types of red on the word your in the logo. I would go with what jack said. and the words “Yacht Charters Available in major cities” i can’t see it really well . you made the others words white. your effects are on point. love the navbar, scroll effect, the pop-up for join the newsletter. Amazing!!! On how you did all that with pinegrow. I’ll give you five stars :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: for that. keep up the good work.:+1:


Thanks Guys!! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Reviewing your point to apply…


Hey Dan, love the look of the site. My only recommendation for change is on the Yacht Charter page, the two images under the header should be of the same size. The second image from the first is a little longer. Make them the same size and it should look uniformed.

Just a suggestion.



Hi @danchapuk, IM a bit late to the party I’m afraid, so I guess the site is pretty much done by now.
however, you might want to check the big text in the red box where it says

" We search local areas that hold events for accommodation and venues for suitable for business users, so you dont have to."

and drop theSECOND usage of for it will make more sense then.

Or, better still,
“We search for suitable business users accommodation and venues,local to your chosen events,so you dont have to.”

Unless it is worded such for crazy SEO convolutions.
ok cheers :slight_smile: