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Feedback welcomed!


Please have a look at two of my latest projects - one is my own website Shopifinery and the second is a site for a psychotherapist.

Constructive feedback is welcomed!


Hello agathamalina,

I would look to add more colour in terms of the blocks, as IMO there is too much white space, but that’s just my opinion as I like to improve the flow by adding colour (or patterns) to block backgrounds.

When I view “our services packaged” I would have each package the same height/width, titles same length of text, so instead of throwing everything (each package offers) I would use maybe 4-5 of the main features and maybe add a “find out more” button, as in its current state the first two packages take over my screen!

And again this is just my opinion, but I find that typeform annoying, but if the form stays, I would make the bootstrap block background the same colour as the background of the typeform box, cutting out the empty white space.

Anyway, just a few suggestions! - I like the green/lime colour used, blends well with the blue, you could maybe try changing some of the block backgrounds to that lime/green?


Hello Jack,
Thank you for your feedback! I am definitely going to implement your suggestion about service packages and I am going to play some more with various backgrounds for my sections.

I agree about the typeform… I am a little disappointed with it. I will changes it to something more conventional.

Thank you!


You are welcome - It’s always nice to get feedback (even if you don’t agree with everything) as we all spot different things when we view!

Two sites I would bookmark. - this site is excellent for creating your own patterns to match your colour scheme, just when you download the saved pattern, they download with ‘’ attached to the file name, so make sure you delete ‘’ as otherwise you will drive yourself mad wondering why pinegrow won’t recognise the file!