Contact Blocks - Non-WP - Can't configure"mailto"

I’m using Pinegrow 5.0 professional for personal. (Non-WP version) I’ve added a contact block to a page but cannot find any supporting JS or PHP to updated the “mailto, subject, etc.”

How can I do this? All the demo videos I’ve found refer to the WP version.


have you checked this out?

Thanks Ian. I’ll check it out

Don Segien
Trabuco Canyon, CA

ok good luck with it.

i was going to tinker with that suggested stmp.js link but haven’t had time yet.

Some working mailing script that could be used with the back end and integrated with some PG mailing blocks would be a really useful resource here with the whole PG blocks thing tbh.

I know all servers are different ish etc and different hosts allow/configure things differently , but some scripts with a a PLETHORA of instructions would be good.

Or just a really good list of useful scripts , their sites, and how to modify them on the PG site/forum, tutorials, with regards to mailing blocks would be a good resource…

along with 10, 000 trained monkeys to deal with all the support mails the likes of me would be sending as we try to configure them :slight_smile:

so thats why , a list pointing them to already existing things (ie, this smtp.js link) would be good as this is an often requested feature… if… anyone is cough cough over at PG HQ… or back off holiday :smiley: