How to make contact form?

Hello guys.

I am a beginner to the website and i made a form. here it is. Pinegrow | Bootstrap Blocks Template

How can i make this form work? when people press submit, it sends all answers to the email address i want. Thanks.

Hi @harutyun,
Not as easy a question as you may think. HTML/CSS are client side languages. This means that they are essentially unidirectional. You need to use some other language in order to communicate back with the server to send the email. Which language you use depends on what type of site this will be (and preferences). If you are hosting your site as plain HTML (not WordPress for example) you would probably do best looking into a mailing service. I know Mandrill has an API that lets you use jQuery/JavaScript Ajax to send an email. The problem with most of these systems is that it exposes your API key - this can open you up to people using your email service to send out emails. It is safer if you can use Ajax along with server side PHP.
Good Luck!!

how can i use wordpress for pinegrow and how will it work? will it let me to use contact form 7 for example?

Hi @harutyun,
Pinegrow has an addon to make WordPress themes. It isn’t really a page builder, but can be used to make pages. Making a theme can be quite complex. Contact form 7 can be used with any WordPress site, so yes, you could use it with any Pinegrow created theme.
Good Luck,

so i can make only one page using my pinegrow theme using wordpress plugin right?

Yeah, you could export essentially a static page. I guess you could even embed the contact form shortcode. You can also host a plain HTML page on a WordPress site, but then adding the shortcode wouldn’t really be possible.

yes? I can embed contact form? How, can you help me please? Also is there a way to contact directly pinegrow team? I used email, but they do not respond.

Hi @harutyun,
I’m actually a part of the Pinegrow team. Usually we only handle technical issues with Pinegrow itself. Creating a contact form with either PHP or JavaScript isn’t really directly a Pinegrow issue. I try to help out where I can. As I said in my first reply. This isn’t an easy thing to do from scratch without some programming knowledge. Here is a tutorial that you could have a look at. A Working Bootstrap HTML & PHP Contact Form - Step-by-Step Tutorial

sorry, I searched for a message from the same email as the one you have registered here found no message from you in our support inbox :frowning:

I have been using greenforms for some years now. A script from codecayon.

Upload to server, config and embed.

brother is this for wordpress? can you tell me how you use wordpress with pinegrow?i can nor figure it out.

let me show my email))

i think it would be better to find something easier, i am wordpress expert, it would be better if i can use wordpress contact form embed, I need very advanced contact form, like with image choice etc.
Can you suggest me something else? or teach how to embed wp in pinegrow?

Hi @harutyun, welcome to Pinegrow…

Take is nice and easy… go through the intro docs, user guides & how-to-guides, from Getting Started | Pinegrow Web Editor

Note: I’m not a wordpress guy, but I have found the docs really good for all the general visual editing functionalities of pinegrow, especially those that are video tutorials with transcripts underneath…

Once you get familiar with how pinegrow works, your next best bet would be the “Creating and Designing Wordpress Themes” tutorial here - Creating and designing WordPress themes | Pinegrow Web Editor

Again, every user has their own unique way of coming up to speed, you might just work it out just by starting at the above wordpress tutorial directly…

All the best…