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Contact Block missing PHP files


Hi, have Pinegrow Pro and when activating Bootstrap Blocks and dropping a Contact block I am not finding any back-end server files being provided.

Where are these files located? I checked the components folder that was created but again, no PHP files were found.

The tutorial for Bootstrap Blocks said to look at the Bootstrap Blocks WP and that tutorial talked about using WP but I do not have or need the WP edition.



I did post something - but I could be wrong , so Ive gone to check!


Yes! I was wrong!
Thanks, I just learnt something :slight_smile:
so, for instance, with the first bootstrap blocks, Promos, Promo 1.

if you drag that to your web page then save it,
I was asked ot save it as a project, I said yes,
so then,
it reloaded up and on the left in my PRJ, project view I see it listed under… Javascript!

Kind of unintuitive… but also sort of sensible as you will use your Javascript to interact with it.
but PG team also recommends using online tools such as is commented here:

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I used the 2nd contact form from the 3 provided. May have to try this later but have gone back to the mailto: link so the user has access to the full functionality of their mail application regardless of platform.


Sorry, didn’t work. I opened my project, duplicated a page and removed all content I did not want. Enabled Bootstrap Blocks (not the WP version), updated the single web page and it updated. But my project looks entirely different than your project.

First, there is no Pg-Contact-Form folder in my project. There is the new page that was created via duplication and a components folder with a pg.blocks folder. In the JS folder there are 2 JS files, bskit-scripts and plugins.

The PHP file is still MIA. :frowning:

When adding the component or clicking on the resource files, this is the list of items to be added:

Bootstrap Blocks

Resources: CSS and JS files needed for Blocks to work. Placeholder images.
Will be copied to: ./components/pg.blocks/



If you have any of the above missing but they are still available in older projects, you can just copy and paste the files to the folder of your new project.

I have various “template” folders, say for example I’m using foundation, I have a template which includes all the base files needed and I copy that base template each time I start a new project.

You can do this with bootstrap blocks, start a new project - if there are files missing, copy and paste them into the folders location - save that project as “bootstrap blocks template”. Each time you start a new project and you want to use bootstrap blocks, open your template folder - instead of new page (within Pinegrow) - (but make a copy of your template folder for future use.

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Can't Get Contact Form Blocks to Work

Also if your web host has softaculous - you can easily install (free)

You just design the form in Pinegrow or use the form provided with the blocks and formtools will handle the data and you can set options like “re-direct to thank you page”.


The website in question does not have or need a DB backend. Was just looking for a simple way to create a form and following the instructions found there were missing files.

As I don’t have older projects, there is nothing to copy and paste.

Pinegrow needs to make those available to their users because they advertise this feature but it cannot be used because of missing items.

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It is available to their users but like most software, some unfortunately encounter bugs/issues but all the files are there whenever I’ve used bootstrap blocks.