Create a Drag n' Drop file-uploading area on a webpage

I’ve searched but have not found any function or feature in Pinegrow to create a drag and drop (D&D) file-uploading area on a webpage (see my attachment). Does this capability exist anywhere in the PG app? If not, has anyone built their own D&D for a site and care to share your how to? I’d like the object to upload to a specific folder on my site for client retrieval.

(Meanwhile, I’ll continue to Google until I find something that will work for me).

Basically this is a form feature. Pretty sure it requires some sort of PHP coding. I have an account with Jotforms which has an upload widget you can use on their forms, so that’s what I use when I need to have this on a client’s website. They do offer a free plan. Some other form companies also have free plans with the ability to accept file uploads (thought the number and size is probably limited.)

I found this answer in Quora, which looks pretty complete

My advice, unless this just something personal you want for yourself, I’d tell the client it’s an add-on service with an additional monthly fee, and then use that money to pay for a service that allows you to embed forms/widgets into your websites to accept file uploads.


Thank AGAIN for your time and advice @Printninja.

I talked to my friend Ray Borduin at WebAssist and their Databridge has a file upload feature that allows for a drag and drop and since I already use their extension in Dreamweaver, I used it. One can drag a file over the browse button and it senses the filename and will upload it… not slick but it works, See my latest project to review:

Site looks great. I did spot a couple of typos on the Pastries page…

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Thanks for spotting this @Printninja - I haven’t run a spell-checker on the site yet. Near-final site: