Dropping Dreamwaver

Hello, I have a simple question (I think). My PC crashed and I can’t reinstall Dreamweaver and they are unresponsive. My question is, I do really simple work in DW, a little rough coding (lately that’s been changing values inside a few tags). But I mostly using their graphics tools in the design view. Is there something like their split code/design view? That’s easy for a rank amateur to comprehend?

Hi @orerockon,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you mention “code/design view” (although I imagine you mean having the code displayed side by side with the design). To provide a comparison, here’s a screenshot of Dreamweaver I found on the internet:

And here is what you get with Pinegrow:

You can either move the panel to the left or right if you prefer (or undock it). Additionally, a cool feature that I find really helpful is the code panel that focuses only on the selected element in the tree

In this sense, Pinegrow is truly great (some people may complain about the UI, but I love it).

Is this what you were asking for?


Yes it was. I downloaded it and am lost on the first page. I don’t even know how to open index.html from a folder on my hard drive. And it doesn’t appear like I can just type into the live view then select and format like DW. Is there a tutorial somewhere that will take me through it one step at a time?

Hi @orerockon

First you need to have a folder with all the files in it. I show You my little personal project i’m working on:

You can use this button here to navigate in your system files and find your folder - once you open it, you’'l see the dropdown with 3 options (Project, File URL) - normally i use the project option for obvious reason.
Once You open Your project, You’ll this

A. That is the panel were You can see what’s in Your folder
B. Choose Your file and with one click, they’ll be open in the tab like in any browser:

A. This the tree panel
B. Style panel (keep in mind that if You have the “Style attribute” selected, You’ll add the rules inline - directly to the element, if You want to add the to the css rule, You need to select the rule first, then use the visual editor below t apply Your styling)

If You want to add a class to an element, You can right click on the element (also You can select multiple elements with shift or ctrl, if they’re in different locations on the tree) and then choose “Classes” to add or swap the class from the element.

That’s just a start - I think You’ll get into it quickly once You know were to look. Any way, here’s a video, a simple introdction to Pinegrow. The UI has changed a bit, but not so much so I’m sure You’ll find it usefull.

Take a little time to fully understand the software, but for me, it’s much more clear Pinegrow then many other apps.


Looks like it isn’t that bad to comprehend. I think I’m too dense to use it, I uploaded a project from a zip file like it asked to do and it says I have no project. Do I have to make an account or something?

Hi :wave:

No, just unzip the folder as you would normally do in your system.

I tried to upload it again and it says the file was not uploaded due to an error on the server. It’s 800 mb could that be the problem?

@matjaz Do you think it could be a problem?

Did you tried creating an empty project just to check?

@orerockon are you using desktop Pinegrow Web Editor app, or WordPress plugin?

If you are using the plugin, 800mb is definetely too large and you should open the project folder in desktop Pinegrow Web Editor instead.

I am giving up for now, using a text editor because I just don’t have the time to try to make it work, if it will ever work. I can create a new project just not upload mine. I can’t see why I would purchase a product without knowing for certain that it will work with my site when I can’t even upload it. That worries me.

I am using the free trial(?) web editor. I tried at least 5 times and it never finished uploading.

@orerockon not sure I understand correctly. With the desktop version, there is nothing to upload. You just open the folder (Open → Project) where the project is located on your computer.

I am trying the online version to see how it works because 1. I don’t want to install a program on my laptop that forces me to delete other programs. In other words it’s a huge program. And 2. See 1, I’m working on my laptop until I can get my desktop rebuilt, and desperately need a WYSIWYG editor to keep my website up to date.I’m trying to get web page editing to work in Firefox right now, maybe I’ll have it figured out today :frowning:

As @matjaz answered, If you are using the Pinegrow WordPress plugin, uploading a 800mb file is definitely too large. short: It will NOT work.

I’m looking at pricing and there’s a “last day for 35%” off banner. I think I’ve seen at least 20 software sellers that claim it’s the last day but it’s actually groundhog day and repeats itself over and over again. The reason being that I would like to do the free trial on my PC but not right now and still pay 35% off before it expires. And to continue my previous issue despite paring down the upload to 57 tiny html files I get a server error message and it still doesn’t upload.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that the promotion will no longer be available tomorrow… (although what “tomorrow” means based on your geographical location is something to consider).

As for the rest, our technical support team can assist you. However, we will need more details about your hosting, the version of WordPress you are using, and a copy of the ZIP file you are trying to upload, among other things. Without this information, it will be difficult for us to help you effectively.

I can’t even send an email to support, the send button does nothing.