How to set up a Project | Bootstrap 4 Template to WordPress

Dear People,

I would like to set up my own homepage, therefore I purchased Pinegrow and a bootstrap 4 template (Sparrow 1.6.x in case its important to know).

The point is, i dont know exactly, how to set this up in Pinegrow the correct way, so that afterwards I can also keep the bootstrap updates and so on.

So the question is actually really basic but it would help me a lot:
What I have to do now,

  • Import the files folder (Sparrow template) and then ? I pic a page and organize it the way i want and save it as “start.html or index.html” or whatever I need. Right so far ?
    And then (i have the wordpress edition) I convert it to wordpress and import the project over my provider ?
    Maybe someone has a better way to explain it, im still a little bit confused…

Thanks so much guys and have a great day !

Hey @Andy,
Generally, the steps you outlined are correct, but really setting up pages for WordPress can be a bit more difficult. If you just need static pages that will work. If you need some functionality it will be a bit more involved. Take a look at this documentation with tutorials.

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Hey Rob,
thanks for answering ! I´ll try a little bit and lets check the WP tutorial :slight_smile: