Creating Media Queries Bug

Pinegrow MacOS: Version 5.21 (5.21)

Basically when I click on Media Query smaller than 40.063 - it creates at 40.0003.
The same will happen with 90.063em, 64.063em, etc.!h3xSDIBL!ljg99jM-vBVEdeINMg5cG_qFL0LuhDxtIko4qB2RMj4

Edit: link added.

Hi @lumunoz and welcome to the forum.

well, quite often, uploading videos to this forum…well, sucks really.
You are better off, uploading it to Youtube uploading to a file sharing site such as

and then posting SOME of the link, so that we can work out what is missing on here.
As, you probably may not be able to post links either. for a while, until your more common on here.

Or… you could email
And send them the links to your file or stills etc.
Is any of this any use to you?

thanks for your reply. I will follow your advise and use